Top Teacher 2

Become a 21st Century Teacher 

Concrete examples and ideas on how to develop your teaching to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Brush up your communication, classroom management, and differentiation skills. Develop the transversal competences of your learners through a learner-centered approach and by integrating subjects and building multidisciplinary learning modules. Get a toolbox of working methods that will encourage you to try out new things in the classroom.

This research-based, practical and inspiring online teacher training course will equip you with pedagogical competencies characteristic of the teachers in the world’s best education system. "Become a 21st Century Teacher" is the second course in the Top Teacher online training program.

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20 powerful online lessons

Engaging and activating learning experiences introducing a range of topics vital for delivering successful basic education. 

Self-study materials available 24/7

Engaging and activating learning experiences where and when it suits you the best.

Certificate of completion by a Finnish university

Showcase your professional development with a certificate of completion by the University of Turku and Polar Partners Ltd.

Engaging learning materials

Highlighting and note-taking directly on the text materials. 54 videos with interactive transcripts. Quizzes, interactive images, reflective tasks, and teaching portfolio assignments to support your learning.
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raise student achievement & ENJOY YOUR WORK more

Professional development


Gain modern pedagogical competencies, get new ideas, and become inspired to improve education! 

Frequently asked questions

Who is the course for?

This course is for teachers in basic education (K-9).

What does the course require from the participant?

All you need is access to a computer or a mobile device and a working internet connection. Everything is online and available on demand so that you can study at your own pace. A curious attitude and interest in personal development are a plus!

How long is the course?

It takes around 40 hours to complete the learning materials, reflective tasks, and portfolio assignments. If you dedicate 2 hours per week to your professional development, you have completed the course within 2–3 months.
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