Well-trained teachers are the foundation of quality education

Are you or your teachers struggling with

  • lack of time
  • motivating students
  • lesson planning
  • assessment
  • student misbehavior
  • keeping up with constant changes?

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Enhanced knowledge and skills allow teachers to reclaim control over their work making them more efficient and effective in planning, teaching, and assessment. 

We also believe that by sharing experiences, challenges, and solutions, teachers can reduce the time spent on problem-solving and idea development. Which is why our courses promote a culture of learning and collaboration in schools. 

Together, we can transform the future of education. 

Top Teacher

Top Teacher is a comprehensive online training program for teachers in basic education.

The courses are developed together with a team of education specialists from Polar Partners and University of Turku, Finland. 
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Top Teacher

Top Teacher is a comprehensive teacher training program for teachers in basic education. You can select from online, hybrid, or live training options to get a prograM that meets your needs and budget.

The program is developed together with a team of education specialists from Polar Partners and University of Turku, Finland. 
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Become an Assessment Expert

Join this unique online training designed to strengthen the assessment understanding, skills, and competence of both individual teachers and the entire work community.

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or just starting your career in education, this course will provide you with valuable insights and practical techniques to become an assessment expert.

The course is designed by two highly respected Finnish education professionals specialized in assessment: Najat Ouakrim-Soivio (PhD in Education and PhL) and Pekka Peura (MSc).

How to avoid typical pitfalls of teacher training?

Flexible learning

Empower your team with our flexible online and hybrid courses. Balance professional development and teaching duties seamlessly.


Say goodbye to logistical nightmares of traditional in-person training sessions. Enjoy high-quality professional development anytime, anywhere while ensuring uninterrupted learning for your students.


 Avoid the high cost of hiring substitute teachers to cover during live training days. Skip paying for printed training materials and the travel and accommodation costs of trainers.

Practical application

Go beyond theory. Experience real classroom impact with our practical tasks encouraging teachers to observe, experiment, and reflect.

Continuous development

Professional growth is a journey, not a destination. Select our Top Teacher program for a structured approach leading to sustained improvement over time.


The course discussion forums foster a sense of community and shared learning even when the learning is asynchronous.

Innovative Finnish Educator 1

New hybrid course available!

This 100h course combines Top Teacher 1 online course and collaborative learning workshops to ensure your success.

Learn how teachers in Finland support the learning, development, and well-being of each child in basic education and co-create knowledge with your peers!
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Limited seats available!

Course reviews

"Polar Partners together with the University of Turku offer an innovative course for educators about the Finnish pedagogy. I learned about Finland's curriculum, teaching methods, and school culture just to name a few important topics the course covers. The modules and tasks are relevant to real-life teaching situations. I am excited to implement the Finnish curriculum in the classroom so I can best support my students!"
Emily Beuter
First Grade Teacher at Lincoln International Academy, Santiago, Chile

Gain Top Results in Basic Education - Top Teacher 1

Do not miss this offer!

New course launched!

We're happy to announce that we've now launced our second course in the Top Teacher program for sale! 

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