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Our courses are designed for teachers in basic education (K-9). The courses are available for individual teachers as well as larger groups.


Gain new pedagogical competencies and reach better results in the classrooms as a more qualified teacher. Get a certificate of completion from Finland and broaden the educational experience of your students.


A growing selection of research-based, practical, and inspiring online training courses. You can access the materials on any device. The courses are developed by a team of education professionals from Finland. 

Research & Evidence Based Education

Based on Finnish Education

We base our courses and services on the Finnish education model. Finland's education system is regarded as the best in the world and it's both research and evidence based.

What's special

The holistic approach is built to support the learning, development, and well-being of each child. This education system does not only focus on good grades, it strongly encourages students to acquire skills that will support them throughout their lives.

What's in it for you

Professional development with materials and methods you can trust. Get inspired to develop your teaching, perform better at work, and improve your career opportunities with a certificate from Finland. 

Education Professionals from Finland

Polar Partners Ltd

Polar Partners Ltd is a fast-growing pioneer in designing high-quality schools based on the Finnish education model. We have the world’s largest network of Finnish educational experts and an award-winning modular Polar School concept.

What we do

We help our clients to manage the design and setup of a brand new school or the development of an existing school to reach optimal learning outcomes. Now we're also offering online courses to make the best parts of Finnish education accessible for everyone!

Why our courses

We have experience from educational development projects around the world! We have tailored our courses to meet the needs of an international audience without sacrificing any of the key aspects of Finnish education.
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Looking for professional development options for teachers?

We offer stand-alone courses and comprehensive packages.

Innovative Finnish Educator 1

New hybrid course available!

This 100h course combines Top Teacher 1 online course and collaborative learning workshops to ensure your success.

Learn how teachers in Finland support the learning, development, and well-being of each child in basic education and co-create knowledge with your peers!
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Limited seats available!


Top Teacher

Top Teacher is a comprehensive online training program for teachers in basic education.

The courses are developed together with a team of education specialists from Polar Partners and University of Turku, Finland. 
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Gain Top Results in Basic Education - Top Teacher 1

Course reviews

"Polar Partners together with the University of Turku offer an innovative course for educators about the Finnish pedagogy. I learned about Finland's curriculum, teaching methods, and school culture just to name a few important topics the course covers. The modules and tasks are relevant to real-life teaching situations. I am excited to implement the Finnish curriculum in the classroom so I can best support my students!"
Emily Beuter
First Grade Teacher at Lincoln International Academy, Santiago, Chile

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New course launched!

We're happy to announce that we've now launced our second course in the Top Teacher program for sale! 

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